Matrimony2Preparing the wedding ceremony is probably the easiest part of your preparation for marriage. However, even though it may be the easiest part, special care and attention should be paid to the details of planning the ceremony. To help with this, first you should download and read the Marriage Preparation and Wedding Guidelines booklet found here. Please read all sections of this booklet, and if you have any questions, contact the priest or deacon preparing you for marriage.

After you become familiar with these guidelines, you should begin discussing whether or not you would like the Wedding Mass or the simple Wedding Ceremony. Typically, if both parties are Catholic, the Wedding Mass is chosen, for what better prayer can be prayed for a newly married couple than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Often, if either the bride or groom is not Catholic, the simple Wedding Ceremony is chosen. However, the Wedding Mass is always available. Please be advised that discussion regarding aspects of the wedding ceremony will only be conducted with the bride or groom.

In order to help you plan the Mass or simple ceremony, we have prepared the following resource:

Wedding-Ceremony Planning Resource