MarkNAngelaRobens3-259x300ANGELA ROBENS is a Fertility Care Practitioner with the Creighton Model of Fertility Care System.  This model of fertility care was founded by Dr. Thomas Hillgers at the Pope Paul VI Institute, according to the teachings of Pope Paul VI’s Humana Vitae and Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

She is a longtime parishioner of St. Lawrence Parish in Tampa but has recently moved to Gulfport, Florida in south St. Petersburg.  Although she no longer lives in the area, she still works with couples around Tampa.  She has an office at St. Lawrence for individual sessions, and she and her husband are even available to speak with groups at other churches in the diocese of St. Petersburg.

Angela is available to work with engaged couples, married couples, and individuals of any age.  She meets with them to help them monitor their health, fertility, and any gynecological issues, as well as assisting them in achieving or avoiding pregnancy, all according to the guidelines and within the boundaries of Catholic Church teaching.  If necessary, there is a medical doctor available to examine and treat clients.

In addition to fertility care, Angela facilitates mother/daughter and father/son retreat days, with children starting at 8 years old.  Also available are breastfeeding support, grandparent support, pregnancy support, and even pregnancy loss support.

Incarnation Parish is very happy and blessed to be able to offer Angela’s knowledge and services to parishioners interested in learning more about Catholic family planning and fertility care. If you or someone you know may stand to benefit from these services, please contact either the church office at the number in the column to the right or Angela directly at the information below.



(813) 389-7175 CELL



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