MatrimonyThe marriage bond between man and woman is the symbol of the covenant which unites God and His people.  And so you have come to the Church to witness your marriage.  Why?  Because you have recognized that for all the natural attraction, beauty and joy of marriage, there is an even deeper mystery involved when two people desire to become one.  For it is in the mystery of God’s love that your love has been formed in the wisdom of God’s plan and your lives have been linked together.  You now have to make the decision to make your relationship not only the exciting challenge of lovers, but also the sacramental commitment of believers.

Like all of the sacraments in the Church, the sacrament of matrimony brings about what it proclaims.  The sign or symbol is not the Church wedding, not the presence of the priest and two witnesses, rather, the presentation and acceptance of a man and woman to and by each other.  Marriage is a sacrament, like Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick – just as holy, just as rich, and just as important.  The very existence of sacraments tells us that God can be experienced uniquely in a loving relationship between two people – husband and wife.  Together, the couple can experience the unconditional acceptance of Jesus Christ, His creative power, His healing and forgiveness.  Moreover, we believe that two people joined in such a dynamic sacramental union can symbolize (make sacramental) this same experience for their children and others who enter their lives.

Therefore, please review the information below as you prepare to enter the process of marriage preparation.  When you are ready, please call the church office to make an appointment to speak with one of the priests who will help you begin this wonderful journey.