Marriage Enrichment 2013 is a program for couples who are civilly married and are seeking the Sacrament of Matrimony through Convalidation, couples seeking to remarry, and couples simply seeking an enrichment of their current marriage. The conference is held at the diocesan retreat house, The Bethany Center, and consists of lecture-style workshops each conducted by Marriage and Family Therapists covering topics such as: communication, family of origin, and the many moods of marriage. If either spouse has dependent children from a previous relationship, a fourth session on Blended Families is also offered and highly recommended.

All couples who are preparing for Convalidation of their civil union or who are planning to remarry at Incarnation are required to attend the first three sessions at least 3 to 6 months prior to their wedding. We are certain that you will find it a very rewarding and enriching experience.  Dates, and registration information may be found below.

Session Information

Session 1 – Conflict Resolution and Communication:

This workshop will identify obstacles to and enhancers of effective communication in the marital relationship. The two areas that will be highlighted are: communication towards problem solving and communicating towards affirming a loving relationship. Specific topics will include the following: defining “normalcy” of conflicts; identifying styles of communication that go toward compatibility and incompatibility; practical pathways to effective problem solving; identifying the basic love languages; and understanding the functional effects of the “brain” in the experience of the “self” as couples communicate with each other.

Session 2 – Family of Origins:

This workshop will help you discover easy in which your marriage commitment is influenced by experiences you had growing up in your family; identify how your relationship with parents and siblings play a role in the way you establish and maintain attachments. It will also help you become aware of the impact former relationship problems can have on your marriage. Learn from the past…and let the past work for you. As you strive to identify as a married couple, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of how relationships and experiences from the past can contribute to the present by enhancing your marriage.

Session 3 – The Many Moods of Marriage:

Marital researchers estimate the rate of divorce for first marriages to be between 50-67%, and even 10% higher for second marriages. Navigating through the “many moods of marriage” becomes a major challenge facing any new couple. This session will help you avoid pitfalls that lead many couples to divorce. Learn how to divorce-proof, strengthen and enrich your marriage. This session will also cover the sacramental component of marriage.

Session 4 – Blended Families:

There are many tasks needed for a successful integration and blending of two families into one. This workshop will cover issues that include: overcoming loyalty issues, co-parenting, myths and legends about step-parents, discipline strategies, and starting and establishing rituals and traditions as a new family unit. The Brady Bunch is only a TV show — the real thing takes a lot of planning, understanding and hard work.

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Registration Information

* Please see the priest or deacon preparing  your for marriage to receive a registration form that contains all pertinent information.


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