Holy Mass

in the Extraordinary Form

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form (in Latin) for over 400 years. With the advent of the Second Vatican Council, not only did the words and the language of the Mass change, but so did the structure. As part of our Catholic heritage, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass has played a large part in the development of our Catholic identity and is the basis of the Ordinary Form of the Mass with which most of us are familiar today.

By attending the Traditional Latin Mass, we hope the experience will assist you in gaining a respect and appreciation for the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that is such a rich part of our Catholic heritage. We also hope this experience will assist you in gaining a better appreciation and a deeper love for the Ordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that we have all become so familiar with over the last 40 years.

Beginning January 6, 2013, the Tridentine Mass will be offered at Incarnation every Sunday at 4:30pm.

May God continue to bless you and draw you into a deeper love for His Son Jesus in and through the most perfect prayer of the Holy Mass.


Sacrificium Sanctum

Incarnation parish’s official Traditional Latin Mass website.


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Forgive us, but you may have to refresh your page to see the videos.

Original Altar-ation Video:

 This video, from a french group of the F.S.S.P., gave us the idea for how we should adapt Incarnation’s altar to make it acceptable for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. 


Incarnation’s Altar-ation Video:

 We got the idea for our altar from the video above. (Thanks F.S.S.P.) In this video, see how our altar goes from “Ordinary” to “Extraordinary.”