Incarnation Job Support Ministry

Assisting Incarnation Parishioners With Their Job Search Efforts


Attention job seekers!

If one is unemployed, underemployed or looking for a new job, the Job Support Ministry can help. Interested persons should bring a resume, work history, cover letters or anything else to share with the group. The ministry provides assistance with:

    1. Resume and Cover Letter Writing: One’s resume and cover letter are the most important documents for a job search.  Effective resume writing tools and an evaluation of one’s current resume and cover letter will be provided. 
    2. Provide Mock Interviews and Feedback: Preparing for an interview always seems like a daunting task.  Learn how to prepare and practice for those important job interviews.
    3. Negotiation Strategies With Salary Offers: Once the job offer is on the table, the next goal is to get the best salary offer available.  Discover strategies necessary for a successful negotiation.
    4. Provide Tips On The Best Way To Network: This is the key to a successful job search. Nearly 85% of all new job opportunities are provided by someone one knows. Obtain valuable assistance on building your network.
    5. Spiritual Support: Next to losing a loved one the loss of a job has one of the deepest impacts on people.  Find the support necessary to help get through this difficult time.


Important Notes

  1. Incarnation Job Support Group meets at the Town & Country Library on Paula Drive on Tuesday mornings from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
  2. The meetings are casual. The intent is to provide assistance searching for jobs in a tough job market and to enhance one’s networking skills.

For more information, contact