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The bulletin is the source of information for all Parish Events. How can your group advertise events in the bulletin? It’s easy!

 If you would like to add an announcement to the Parish Bulletin, please submit the following  to Monica Windmiller:

AT LEAST One month prior to the event email the information to The earlier the better. The more time given, the more exposure the event will have in the bulletin. (Pending approval)

In the email include the following:

1) Event name

2) Date and time

3) Place

4) The group sponsoring the event with contact information

5) Any other details to be included. If there are graphics, email those also. They will be included as space allows.


Bulletin Submission Form


Contact us by email at

If you have any further questions regarding these forms or submitting announcements for the bulletin, please contact Monica Windmiller by phone at (813) 885-7861 or by email at